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We bring online combat experience and defence expertise in both military & governmental sectors

Our company is built on experience in various sectors. From engaging national cyber-attacks to remediation of high-profile incidents. We have experience dealing with APT & other threats in even the most complex and restricted environments. Our defense experience comes second only to our attack expertise. We tackle security incidents daily such as Ransom & Extortion, Red Team assessment, Incident response as well as Cyber intelligence gathering and Blue team.

Gamified Cyber Training Platform to prepare your team for cyber threats


Typical penetration tests only deliver specific information based on the target its testing while Red team engagement provides a broader outlook on your organization's assets.
  • Experience in dealing with a sophisticated real-world breach attempts.
  • Reduce response time to events and incidents.
  • Skills and practical experience for your security team to enhance and sharpen your capabilities.
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A blue team`s responsibility is to ensure the right assessment, preparation and response to an attack. The right blue team focuses on the relevant areas and pinpoints a needed response.
  • Understanding the threat/breach and what information was exposed/compromised
  • Getting rid of the breach/attack, restore work back to normal and remediate any vulnerabilities
  • Understanding the size of the threat limiting the scope and determining the steps to full containment.
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Security Consulting

Our consulting department, consisted from leaders of their fields, brings vast knowledge and experience in order to provide the widest angle on the subject at hand.

Alongside our Security Consulting Services , we offer a wide range of cyber related services such as Social Engineering, R&D and more.

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