HackersEye lead a first of its kind training with Israeli National Cyber Directorate.

HackersEye team introduce their Hands-On Cyber training simulator: “HackersRange”, and train over 50 Cyber Security analysts from Israel’s finest institutions and organizations.
We were excited to lead the first of its kind training program, initiated by the Israeli National Cyber Directorate.
Using our innovative Cyber Security training simulator – HackersRange, we exposed the participants to a real- world Incident response defensive (blue) scenarios.
HackersRange is a cyber security simulator that provides Hands-on training in complex environments.
The platform integrates advanced tools & methodologies as well as simulating real world scenarios while keeping the platform gamified, competitive, educational, convenient and fun.
Over 50 cyber security analysts from Israel’s finest institutions and organizations: Israel National Cyber Directorate, financial organizations, ministry of energy, ministry of communication, Israel Prison Service, Israel Fire and Rescue Services, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel police, Beer Sheva municipality and many others.
We were so proud to witness the extent of involvement, cooperation, and the competitive team spirit that all participants demonstrated. We were honored to meet with the Minister of Science, Technology and Space Orit Farkash-Hacohen that came to witness this unique event.
The participants were given the opportunity to train in a monitored complexed environment in order to strengthen Israel’s readiness to handle national cyber security threats and to emphasize the importance of constant Hands-On, practical practice to preserve and perfect our national readiness.

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