LOG4J exploit shocks cyber security community.

“Organizations should assume that they have already been hacked.” Dean Bar HackersEye COO& Cyber Security specialist in an interview for “The Marker”.
LOG4J is an open code JAVA script-based library that allows software developers to log various data within their application. the library resources have been serving many developers for years. LOG4J logs are deeply imbedded in our digital infrastructure.
In December 2021 a security team has discovered a way breach LOG4J logs. The scale of this breach is enormous, this vulnerability effects the majority of our digital world and directly compromises huge vendors such as Facebook, Apple, Tesla etc.
This breach is especially concerning because it is relatively easy to preform a successful attack.
Cybersecurity officials recommend to take precautions by constantly updating your devices. According to Dean Bar HackersEye COO “organizations should assume that they have already been hacked, it wouldn’t be long before hackers will target individual users as well.”
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