A work of Art, it’s One of the most sophisticated exploits we have ever seen.

Dean Bar, HackersEye COO & Co- Founder
In a special interview to “Haaretz” newspaper explaining how NSOs spyware “Pegasus” has managed to hack target’s Apple’s IOS iPhones.
Google’s “Project Zero” published a technical report examining how NSO’s spyware succeeded in secretly infecting iPhones. In the report “project zero” researchers shed light on a new highly sophisticated exploit method that was recently exposed called “ForcedEntery”.
Dean bar HackersEye COO explains how Pegasus exploited the way iMessage (apple’s messages platform) handles GIF files. NSO’s developers have made PDF and JBIG2 impersonate as a GIF file. Those files basically use as a virtual processer that can hack into your device way before you even get the SMS.
We Now understand that the “unique” skills that we once associated only to few advanced governmental organizations, are now essentially public property and are available to private companies & individuals.

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