HackersRange redefining training

HackersEye`s answer to the rising demand for a new affective, practical & interesting training platform.


Users will:

  • experience

    Experience training in highly complex, real-world environments.

  • practice

    Practice Hands-on Cutting-edge Cyber Security Offensive & Defensive Scenarios.

  • gain

    Gain Knowledge & Skills in an immersive Gamified Simulator.

  • accelerate

    Accelerate the process of gaining experience by increasing exposure to incidents & challenges.

Who Uses the Simulator?

  • enterprice

    Critical infrastructure, Corporations, SMB`s etc.

  • academy

    Colleges, Universities, Private Schools, Online Academies.

  • governments

    Militaries, Law enforcements, Municipalities, Ministries etc.

What do they use the simulator for?

Training – Practice your teams in our hands-on challenges to achieve a higher security posture and enhance cyber resilience.

Education – Teach your users new skills, professions, tools, methodologies etc. in our Courses & guided challenges.

Recruitment – Build your own recruitment challenge, automate your on boarding processes, Create your own CTF`s etc.

What Our Users Say About Us

Israeli National Cyber Directorate
Tal Avital ,Head Of Monitoring & Analysis Center

“Exactly what the industry has been waiting for, professional, Exciting educational, innovative, advanced and unique simulator. I strongly recommend everyone to try it, exceptional training experience.”

Ministry Of Defense
Team Member

“Fascinating, professional training, absolutely the best way to train cyber security personnel. The platform brings an accessible gamified environment. The tasks & challenges truly feel like real- world encounters.”

Ministry of Energy
Head of Cyber Team

“An interesting combination between a blue defensive thinking to an attacker’s point of view. The simulator brings serious challenges that requires the users to step out of their comfort zone and think outside the box in order to reach the solutions”

Israel Prison Services
SOC Team Leader

“Without a doubt the best Cyber Security simulator I have ever played in, truly exceptional.”

Shamir Medical Center

“fun& challenging simulator, interesting tasks& missions. Simply Wonderful.”

Platform Technology & Support

Cloud Based

Plug& play, virtually accessible anytime, anywhere.


All popular vendor’s tools, software, etc.

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