HackersEye lead a first of its kind training with Israeli National Cyber Directorate.

HackersEye team introduce their Hands-On Cyber training simulator: “HackersRange”, and train over 50 Cyber Security analysts from Israel’s finest institutions and organizations.
We were excited to lead the first of its kind training program, initiated by the Israeli National Cyber Directorate.
Using our innovative Cyber Security training simulator – HackersRange, we exposed the participants to a real- world Incident response defensive (blue) scenarios.
HackersRange is a cyber security simulator that provides Hands-on training in complex environments.
The platform integrates advanced tools & methodologies as well as simulating real world scenarios while keeping the platform gamified, competitive, educational, convenient and fun.
Over 50 cyber security analysts from Israel’s finest institutions and organizations: Israel National Cyber Directorate, financial organizations, ministry of energy, ministry of communication, Israel Prison Service, Israel Fire and Rescue Services, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel police, Beer Sheva municipality and many others.
We were so proud to witness the extent of involvement, cooperation, and the competitive team spirit that all participants demonstrated. We were honored to meet with the Minister of Science, Technology and Space Orit Farkash-Hacohen that came to witness this unique event.
The participants were given the opportunity to train in a monitored complexed environment in order to strengthen Israel’s readiness to handle national cyber security threats and to emphasize the importance of constant Hands-On, practical practice to preserve and perfect our national readiness.

Highly skilled Iranian hackers claim to have hacked intel Israel.

Highly skilled Iranian hackers claim to have hacked intel Israel.
Hackers group that goes by the name Pay2Key have published a ransom demand at their twitter account, alongside Images of what seems to be the Habana Labs private network and other valuable information. The group are threatening to expose more if intel Israel will refuse to pay the ransom
Habana labs is a start- up company owned by intel. The company develops artificial intelligence processers.
The hackers are calming to have full Domaine control, classified sensitive information and thousands original document of GOYA’s the companies AI processor chip.
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LOG4J exploit shocks cyber security community.

“Organizations should assume that they have already been hacked.” Dean Bar HackersEye COO& Cyber Security specialist in an interview for “The Marker”.
LOG4J is an open code JAVA script-based library that allows software developers to log various data within their application. the library resources have been serving many developers for years. LOG4J logs are deeply imbedded in our digital infrastructure.
In December 2021 a security team has discovered a way breach LOG4J logs. The scale of this breach is enormous, this vulnerability effects the majority of our digital world and directly compromises huge vendors such as Facebook, Apple, Tesla etc.
This breach is especially concerning because it is relatively easy to preform a successful attack.
Cybersecurity officials recommend to take precautions by constantly updating your devices. According to Dean Bar HackersEye COO “organizations should assume that they have already been hacked, it wouldn’t be long before hackers will target individual users as well.”
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A work of Art, it’s One of the most sophisticated exploits we have ever seen.

Dean Bar, HackersEye COO & Co- Founder
In a special interview to “Haaretz” newspaper explaining how NSOs spyware “Pegasus” has managed to hack target’s Apple’s IOS iPhones.
Google’s “Project Zero” published a technical report examining how NSO’s spyware succeeded in secretly infecting iPhones. In the report “project zero” researchers shed light on a new highly sophisticated exploit method that was recently exposed called “ForcedEntery”.
Dean bar HackersEye COO explains how Pegasus exploited the way iMessage (apple’s messages platform) handles GIF files. NSO’s developers have made PDF and JBIG2 impersonate as a GIF file. Those files basically use as a virtual processer that can hack into your device way before you even get the SMS.
We Now understand that the “unique” skills that we once associated only to few advanced governmental organizations, are now essentially public property and are available to private companies & individuals.

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